TRU Flooring

Polished · Sturdy · Customizable

TRU concrete flooring is a beautiful, eco-friendly, and durable concrete floor finish. It is customizable and can be imbedded with aggregate, glass, and color or with terrazzo strips to reveal a brushed steal or aluminum look in the joints. The finished flooring gives you a surface that is practical, gorgeous, and requires low-maintenance care.

How do I care for my new floor?

Day-to-day maintenance requires simple sweeping or vacuuming debris and spot cleaning where necessary.

A regular light cleaning with a microfiber mop will keep the surface of your floor polished and looking fresh.

For occasional deep cleaning, sweep/vacuum any loose debris and then mop the floor with hot water, cleaner (see below for the appropriate cleaner), and a hard foam mop.

Mopping your TRU floor too frequently or with too much detergent may cause built up residue and dull the the appearance of your floor. Mopping with hot water and a hard foam mop will normally strip the build up.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Clean up wet spills right away - concrete is porous and dampness or liquid will penetrate and degrade the flooring.

  2. Always use a welding mat when welding above a concrete floor.

  3. Use only NON-AGGRESSIVE, neutral pH detergents when heavy cleaning your floor.  Soap-based cleaners or cleaners that contain acids (eg: citrus) will leave a residue and/or degrade the finish of your floor dulling the shine of the polish and make it increasingly slippery.

  4. Use a walk-off mat or welcome mat inside the entry of your space to help keep debris and water from tracking on to your floor.

  5. Remember, concrete floors are very durable but they are not indestructible. If your floor does get damaged please contact us to consult how best to repair the surface.