0.5 - 3mm thick · limitless colors · various textures  


Evolution Industries if proud to be the official United States partner with for the Italian MICROTOPPING® manufacturer, IDEAL WORK.  IDEAL WORK manufacturers the finest micro topping product in the world.  Evolution Industries and Ideal Work have formed this partnership out a mutual respect and appreciation for each others passion and attention to detail.  

Micro topping is a new technology for thin cementitious coatings used to create seamless surfaces over existing substrates and for renovating old floors, both interior and exterior.  MICROTOPPING® is not only ideal for floors, but also for covering vertical surfaces. This type of concrete floor is superior in many ways to the alternatives.      

Creating art with a MICROTOPPING® is accomplished by integrating a wide rage of colors into the product or applied post application.  Innovative design processes, like applying a lighter color finish  over the darker base, give the material a wonderful color modeling effect (smoky or marbled). Limitless color combinations and texture applications can be used to transform old, tired concrete or other materials into amazing new surfaces. The aesthetic possibilities are limitless! 



¹Registered IDEAL WORK trademark