Concrete floors are superior in many ways to the alternatives.  The cleanliness, versatility, ease of care and sustainability are just a few of the better reasons to choose this material for your floor.  The design options for concrete are what make it a preferred medium for interior decorators around the world.  The options of color and texture are limitless with this material.  The ability to literally create art comes to life with concrete.  Concrete floors are practical, gorgeous, efficient and easy to care for.

Gypcrete is a great way to enjoy a heated concrete surface in your home.  The properties of this material make it ideal for homes in colder climates that require hydronic tubing in the floor.

The ability to mold itself around the hydronic tubes internally while simultaneously providing a flat hard surface, makes Gypcrete truly unique.  This surface will accept various polishable or micro topping overlays.  The idea of a warm to very wary concrete floor in regions with freezing external temperatures is soothing to say the least.